About Andy Kirk

Andy Kirk is a UK-based freelance data visualisation specialist: A design consultant, training provider, author, editor of visualisingdata.com, speaker, lecturer and researcher. He provides data visualisation services to the Arsenal FC performance team.

After graduating from Lancaster University in 1999 with a B.Sc (hons) in Operational Research, he held a number of business analysis and information management positions at some of the largest organisations in the UK, including CIS Insurance, West Yorkshire Police and the University of Leeds.

In December 2009 Andy completed a Masters by Research M.A (Distinction) programme (University of Leeds), studying the subject of data visualisation and soon after launched visualisingdata.com. This has grown to become a popular source of information about the fast-growing data visualisation field, providing readers with information about contemporary techniques, resources, latest developments and key insights.

Andy became a freelance professional in 2011 focusing, primarily, on providing data visualisation consultancy and training workshops. He has delivered over 210 public and private training events across UK, Europe, North America, India, South Africa and Australia. Some of his clients include Heineken, Spotify, Intel, Hershey, WHO and McKinsey.

In July 2016, Andy released his second book entitled “Data Visualisation: a Handbook for Data Driven Design”, published by Sage, offering a practical guide for anyone seeking to create data visualisations in the most effective and efficient way.

In 2014-2015 he collaborated on a research project called ‘Seeing Data’, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and hosted by the University of Sheffield. This project explored data visualisation literacy amongst the general public to learn about some of the human factors that influence engagement and understanding amongst readers of visualisation works.

Andy joined the highly-respected Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) as a visiting lecturer in 2013 and taught a module on the Information Visualisation Masters programme through to 2017. He is also a visiting lecturer at Imperial College, London teaching a visualisation module as part of the MSc Business Analytics programme, launched in 2015.

About www.visualisingdata.com

Visualisingdata.com is an award-winning site providing readers with a rich variety of content that charts the development of the data visualisation field as well as profiling the professional services on offer from Visualising Data Ltd. The site is managed and edited by Andy Kirk.

The site was launched in February 2010 primarily as a blogging platform to share news and thoughts about the increasingly popular world of data visualisation. Over time, as the field has continued to spread and mature, the site has reflected this growth. It now features a wide range of fresh content profiling latest projects and contemporary techniques, discourse about practical and theoretical matters, commentary about key issues and collections of valuable references and resources.

It aims to straddle the divide across the diverse makeup of the visualisation field: whether you are a seasoned expert, an informed practitioner or just a casual enthusiast, there should be plentiful information of interest to you.

In December 2015, the site was awarded a gold prize in the 'best dataviz website' category for the annual 'Kantar Information is Beautiful awards'. In November 2016 it followed up this achievement with a silver prize award.

The site's design and functionality is optimised for a desktop experience though all content can be accessed via both mobile and tablet platforms. Here’s an outline of what you will find on the site.


On the home page you will find a profile of the latest content published on the site. On the left side of the page you have a collection of the latest featured blog posts with the most recent afforded the prominently placed and sized window at the top. At the bottom are a few ads for my latest offerings (book, training events). On the right of the page you will find an interactive bubble chart to explore the most popular 100 posts as measured over the last 100 days. The bubbles are sized by the number of hits and coloured by the blog post categories. Click for a preview of the post and then click on 'VIEW ARTICLE' to read the full post. Latest announcements (new blog posts, status updates on training events etc.) are also provided in the news ticker at the top of the page.


The blog posts are organised into six content categories with a couple of additional menu filters:

  • The Latest 50 presents the most recent 50 published blog posts.
  • Collections houses the often popular postings that monthly ‘best of’ digests, 6-monthly reviews and other curated collections
  • Design feature profiles of the latest contemporary designs and design techniques from across the field.
  • Articles covers discourse pieces commenting on key aspects of visualisation design thinking and may include items such as interviews with prominent practitioners.
  • External is a home for all the other articles, interviews, presentations and recordings I have participated in but published elsewhere on other blogs and websites.
  • Field News tracks relevant news items from across the field.
  • Announcements concerns more specific new items related to my site/services, including new training events, offers, requests etc.
  • The Months item provides a month-by-month view through the archives chronological order.


Already mentioned above, this collection of resources has been one of the most popular content items published on the site. This page provides a interactive navigable database of over 300 tools, applications and programmes that have an important role to play in data visualisation design. As new tools arrive on the scene, this collection will be kept entirely up-to-date to maintain the latest catalogue of options. The categories are a best fit grouping, though some tools inevitably do cut across several in theory.


The references collection provides further useful sources of material for data visualisation enthusiasts. Already mentioned above is the gallery of 'Books' covering some of the most important and influential books on data visualisation and related subjects. The collection is limited to those I have personally read or own. The 'Education' tab offers a compilation of the growing range of educational programmes and qualifications in data visualisation and associated subjects. I will be shortly be focusing on refining the contents of both these items to ensure they are current and will be adding further tabs of collected, useful references.


This page provides an overview of the data visualisation training workshops I offer. There is an overview of the training content, a profile of the types of training available, a list of locations in my current public training schedule, an interactive map to explore previous events, and a form for interested parties to make a request for a future public or private/on-site event.


The services page describes the diverse range of professional offerings and engagement models I provided, beyond just training workshops, covering consultancy, research, teaching, speaking and writing. There is also a gallery showing a selection of previous clients.


This page promotes details of my latest book book ‘Data Visualization: A Handbook for Data Driven Design’.


The about page provides several profiles: about me, about the site and about Visualising Data Ltd, providing contact details and links to my social media profiles.

About Visualising Data Ltd.

Visualising Data is a Private Limited Company based in Leeds, UK. Andy Kirk is the Managing Director.

To read about the professional services offered by Visualising Data Ltd, take a look at the Training and Services pages on this site.

If you have an enquiry about these services or are interested in a potential engagement then please use the information on the ‘Contact’ page to get in touch.

Visualising Data Ltd was incorporated in 2010. The company number is 7147133 and VAT registration number is 140476625.

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