Explore Explain: A Video and Podcast Series

Explore Explain is a new data visualisation podcast and video series. Each episode is based on a conversation with visualisation designers to explore the design story behind a single visualisation, or series of related works. The conversations provide an opportunity to explain their design process and to share insight on the myriad little decisions that underpin the finished works. It also shines a light on the contextual circumstances that shaped their thinking.

Audiences will gain an appreciation of the what, the why and the how, learning about the hidden problems and challenges, the breakthroughs and the eureka moments, the pressures and frustrations, the things that were done and the things that were not done, as well as the successes and the failures.

Each season comprises nine weekly episodes and will cover a diverse cast of talented practitioners from across the field and around the world, showcasing a variety of different types of visualisation work.

Every episode is published as both an audio interview as well as an enhanced video conversation, accompanied by detailed visuals. This is a topic that strongly lends itself to a video-based treatment so viewers can see what is being described. It is useful to co-exist as an audio output that can be more ambiently consumed, as we tend to do with podcasts. On average, each episode will be around 45-60 minutes in duration, depending on the subject of the episode. This will provide sufficient space for the necessary depth of discussion about the intricacies of these works.

Details of each new episode will be published on the blog and also via the 'Season 1' tab on this page. Additionally, for the latest updates about new episodes and future schedules, follow the twitter feed @Explore_Explain.

Explore Explain is a Matt Knott Interactive production.

How to Watch

Podcast videos will be published on the Explore Explain Youtube channel. You can choose to subscribe for future updates by selecting the relevant subscription button.

Within 7 days of publishing each video, the automatic subtitles generated by Youtube will be manually corrected and improved to make the episode content accessible to anyone with hearing impairments.

Youtube channel

How to Listen

Podcast platforms: Audio podcasts are published across all common platforms. You can connect via the links below or just do a search within each platform's application for 'Explore Explain' and the shows will come up in the listed results, enabling you to listen and/or subscribe.

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You can also listen and subscribe to the shows by manually adding this url for the podcast's RSS feed into your preferred platform player: https://feed.pod.co/exploreexplain or, clicking this link if you're reading this on a phone browser.

Manual URL subscribe

Podcast.co: You can listen to each episode using the podcast.co player embeded within each episode's published blog post. Furthermore, you can visit the dedicated podcast page hosted on the Podcast.co platform.

Season One Episodes

This is the schedule of episodes for season one. When each episode is released, an associated coloured banner image will be switched on and then will link through to the published episode posting.

Episode 1 with Maarten Lambrechts (released 27 April 2020)


Episode 2 with Dr Cath Sleeman (released 5 May 2020)


Episode 3 with John Burn-Murdoch (released 12 May 2020)


Episode 4 with Nadieh Bremer (released 19 May 2020)


Episode 5 with Simon Scarr (released 26 May 2020)


Episode 6 with Sonja Kuijpers (released 9 June 2020)


Episode 7 with Jan Willem Tulp (released 16 June 2020)


Episode 8 with Rachael Dottle (released 23 June 2020)


Episode 9 with Sabine Devins & Sebastian Vollnhals (released 30 June 2020)