Yesterday I ran a simple Twitter poll about the relative ease of learning R vs. Python. Although a correct answer to this query will ALWAYS have to be based on nuances like pre-existing skills and the scope of need, this originates from people telling me they encounter job or career profiles that list a need for R and/or Python. If they don't have either, if they prioritised the pursuit of just one, which would be possible to develop a degree of competency more easily, more quickly and more efficiently?

Here is the original tweet and the results, showing a victory for R.

There are clearly endless imperfections in the methods of conducting this survey but it was a useful exercises nevertheless, especially because of the many valuable written responses and conversations that emerged out of the original tweet and branched off others too. Because they offered such value I decided to collate as many as possible in to a single Twitter Moment, as published below. Thanks to all who participated!