Last year I compiled a Twitter list, my first ever Twitter list I'll have you know, to create a visible membership formed of 'Freelancers offering data visualisation/infographic design and consultancy services around the world'.

It is often quite hard for potential clients to find suppliers in this field, especially when it is so heavily comprised of people professionally operating as individuals or as individuals who collaborate with other individuals outside the entity of a recognised studio or agency.

As many in this field are activity on Twitter, and maintaining membership lists is a nimble option to manage, I decided to establish this list of people who are actively available for data visualisation-related project work. It is not necessarily intended as a curated list of twitter feeds, though it can function as that, rather to create a directory of members whose sites can be visited or contacted to raise an enquiry.

However, not everyone who might find this list useful is on Twitter and will happen upon it so I want to post it here to make its existence more widely understood.