I'm delighted to announce that the second edition of my book "Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design" will be published in summer 2019.

The first edition was published in Summer 2016 which means the last writing I did for that was around this time in 2015. Although the fundamental structure, contents and aims of the first edition remain in this second edition, three years in the visualisation field offers plenty of time to find new ways to express ideas, to recognise a need to edit out baggy language, and also to refresh some examples with more contemporary references. It also gives me reason to revisit the companion digital resources (that are accessible to all). I'm working on a large case-study project to showcase the ideas in the book and will be accompanying this with a detailed written and video-recorded account of the design process.

I'd like to thank Sage for giving me the opportunity to update this text and to all readers who have bought the first edition. In the months leading up to publication I will be providing further updates and, probably, conceiving some innovative ways of marketing it like last time (#Graphiti, #BestWorstViz, #BookShopped and #VisBookFlipBook).