Earlier today, I noticed in my calendar that I had saved a reminder, at some point in the past, to kindly inform myself that today is the milestone of my 15,000th day on this planet. I'm not sure what the tradition is for such occasions?

To have landed on this life milestone, today of all days, seemed quite a coincidence because today I have also reached a major milestone in my career of delivering data visualisation training events. I am currently in Athens, running three consecutive one-day events in what are my first ever events in Greece. Today's second event of the week marked my 250th data visualisation workshop, a milestone reached nearly 7 years since I nervously welcomed my first audience to the first ever event.

To celebrate this milestone (and the fact I also hit landmarks of 5,500 delegates and my 25th different country) I thought I'd pull some headline facts and figures together...

I also thought I should use this opportunity to share a selection of some recent testimonials. I'm not particularly forward in publicising the very generous feedback I get from these workshops but maybe I should do more often to try and ensure I get the chance to do another 250 events!