Last year I launched the #VisBookFlipBook project, an attempt to compile photographs of every 2-page spread in my book as taken by owners and readers of the book from across the globe. After an initial burst of enthusiasm, progress died, then I lapsed into pushing it down my to-do list as workload became overwhelming. However, I have now had a renewed burst of enthusiasm to get it going again and push towards a final complete set of images!

I have collected photos or promises* of photos for two-thirds of the 186 two-page spread combination across the book's contents, including covers and blank sections but I'm keen to close off the collection of the remaining one-third of the book. So, if you would be willing to participate, you would be considered a hero in my mind, and here are the steps:

1. Check that you own or have access to my book (if not, it is recommended you resolve this :)

2. Visit this Google Sheet to find out which 2-page spreads are available then put your name against the one(s) you wish to 'reserve' ahead of you taking the photograph.

3. Take a photograph of the 2-page spread(s) you have chosen in a scene completely of your choosing. It doesn't need to be exotic or full of high-end Instagram glossiness, just position the book in the middle of the view and snap away. I am going to remove the ideal limit that said an individual can only send me two 2-page spread photos: you can now send as many as you wish!. Here is a sample of the submissions so far:

4. Finally, send me your photos on email or share them with me on Twitter, ideally indicating the details of the location of your photograph scenes.

I have different plans for how I will use the final collection but the basic idea is to create and publish both an animated and browsable compilation of all the submissions, but only when I've got them all in. I will finally - finally - complete this challenge as soon as possible!

* If you have previously reserved a 2-page spread and have not yet had chance to take/submit your photo, please don't forget!