A few months ago I launched the #VisBookFlipBook project, a rather ambitious attempt to compile photographs of every 2-page spread in my book as taken by the brilliant owners and readers of the book. Progress has been steady, with almost 40% of the 183 photos required received so far, but it is now time to push again to encourage more contributors to take me towards a full collection.

Here are the steps:

1. Check that you own or have access to my book (if not, it is recommended you resolve this :)

2. Visit this Google Sheet to find out which 2-page spreads are available then put your name against up to a maximum two different spreads to reserve the ones you intend to photograph.

3. Take a photograph of the 2-page spread(s) you have chosen in a scene completely of your choosing. It doesn't need to be exotic or high in Instagram-esque richness, just position the book in the view and snap away. Here is a sample of the submissions so far:

4. Finally, send me your photos on email or share them with me on Twitter indicating the details of the location of your photograph scenes.

Thank you so much in advance to those who have taken part and those who may join them. If you have done one, why not do another? If you have reserved a 2-page spread and have not yet had chance to take/submit your photo, please don't forget!

I have different plans for how I will use the final collection but the basic idea is to create and publish both an animated and browsable compilation of all the submissions. Watch this space!