This is an appeal for anyone who has bought/read my book to possibly take out a few moments from their busy schedules to drop a short review on Amazon.

I have been hugely appreciative of plenty of positive feedback about the book, especially from people on Twitter who have kindly helped to spread the word (eg. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). However, inevitably, given the power and prominence of Amazon, that is the place where positive opinion is more readily sought by potential readers.

I don't want this to appear as driven by any desire for ego-stroking of self-aggrandising. As the scale below illustrates, it is an appeal I would characterise more as a form of polite encouragement, positioned some distance away from a 'desperate beg' but much further away from any dismissive 'I don't care what people think'.

So, if you have enjoyed the book and gained value from reading I would be hugely thankful for your help in building up positive evidence of its worth for other potential readers and, naturally, to look good in the eyes of my publisher.

For convenience you can click on the links below to reach the book's page via your most relevant Amazon location. When you get there, here's a few tips:

  • There's no need to feel obliged to provide a long review, any short endorsement will be wonderful
  • The best star reviews tend to be of the four and five variety
  • Words such as 'triumph', 'paradigm-shifting', and 'groundbreaking' as well as phrases like 'Kirk has demonstrated an extraordinarily capable mind' play really well with uncertain readers looking for a final push