Over the past two months I have held contests (1 #Graphiti, 2 #BestWorstViz) for successful participants to win a free copy of my book when it is released in June. I was really impressed with the creativity exhibited in both these contests and so I am launching a third, and final, challenge: #BookShopped.

To go alongside the launch of my book I will be publishing a new visualisation project titled 'Filmographics', looking at the ebb and flow of different movie star careers. This project aims to provide a case study demonstration of the approaches and techniques covered in the book. I will supplement the project with a comprehensive design process narrative that will be accessible through my 'digital companion' book website, open to all, not just readers of the book.

With the current prominence in my mind of the subject of movies I thought that would be an appropriate theme for this final contest. The challenge I am setting you is to creatively incorporate an image of my book into a famous movie scene.

You can pick any movie and any scene and you have the freedom to incorporate the book image into that scene in anyway you see fit - it can be artistic, humorous, or abstract. You can leave it as a wordless composition, include captions, or you can even make it into a multi-panel sequence.

Whatever you choose to do it doesn't need to be magazine level quality (don't worry about any iffy image editing skills) it is more the concept that I will be judging. The main thing is that submissions should have a juxtaposed image of the book cover - a hi-res jpg file is available here.

Send me your images on twitter (#BookShopped), via the comments below or on email. You can submit as many entries as you want. I'll leave the submission window open until midnight (PST) on Tuesday 24th May. I'll then pick my favourite entry and that person will be the beneficiary of a free copy of my upcoming book as soon as it is published.

For a bit of inspiration, here's a little sequence I compiled to lampoon the disappointing decision by the publishers of my first book (back in 2012) to print it in black & white...


Good luck! Keep a track on the (tweeted) submissions here...