This week, I have been running a poll for readers to help decide the outcome of my third and final creative competition to win a copy of my book, namely the #BookShopped contest. The voting closed at 3PM UK time and I am delighted to announce Mihaela Gruia, with her 'Forrest Gump' entry, has been declared the winner.


Special mentions to Florian Kräutli ('Back to the Future') and Tom Kirkpatrick ('Dr Strangelove') who came second and third respectively in the voting. You can see the full gallery of submissions here.

So that concludes this series of contests, congratulations again to Chris, who won #Graphiti, Krist, who won #BestWorstViz and, of course, Mihaela, as winner of #BookShopped. A huge thanks to everyone who participated in any or all of these challenges and to everyone who helped spread the word. I hugely appreciate the interest that has surrounded these contests.

My book work has now been completed, it has gone to print, and I will have a confirmed publication date (for the UK and different regions) ASAP - the current estimate is 22nd June. I will be posting more about it next week.