As my closest school mates will attest, one of my favourite pastimes at school was doodling in textbooks (sorry teachers/authors/publishers but I couldn't help it) with our French textbook my personal favourite canvas. However, as life has become more digital my doodling days have lapsed somewhat. So it was quite nice this morning, when discussing this post and seeing a nice idea from Walter, to have an excuse to print off a visualisation and do a small doodle of an Al Gore stick-man rising in his cherry picker to narrate the line chart.


As will be clear, I'm quite obsessed by the theme of 'little' right now and it is perhaps no coincidence that my most recent book purchase was 'Little People in the City', by the street artist/photographer Slinkachu, exhibiting brilliantly creative ways of juxtaposing little figures into the minutiae circumstances of street life.


This got me thinking about graffitiing of visualisations - graphiti let's call it - and the possibility of seeing what creative ways people can come up with to decorate the visualisations and infographics out there with their little doodles. It also occurred to me that I could offer a small incentive of a prize draw to encourage submissions.

So let's do it.

The challenge I'm laying down is to send me examples of your graphiti - the clever ways can you think of combining the world of doodling and visualisation. Send me your images on twitter (#graphiti), via the comments below or on email. You can submit as many entries as you want. I'll leave the submission window open until midnight (PST) on Sunday 13th March. I'll then pick my favourite and that person will be the beneficiary of a free copy of my upcoming book as soon as it is published.