Below you will find an embedded slideshare version of the slides used in last week’s talk at the Data Visualization Group in the Bay Area Meetup at the University of San Francisco. As usual, the quality of the slide images hasn't quite been preserved in the upload but you'll get the idea at least.

I always say this and will say it again: presentation slides are just visual props for a talk so you won't be able to necessarily decipher the exact narrative that accompanied each subject. For meetup members (and maybe those not present too, possibly) the video of the talk should be released soon. I might also trot out the same talk at another future opportunity so do have a look through/watch but don't memorise it, just in case!

I have edited one or two of the slides for the purpose of sharing this deck publicly. For instance, this was my original slide 2, capturing the idea that I regretted that my talk title was a bit too Troy McClure-esque.