At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. Here’s the latest collection from November 2013.


Includes static and interactive visualisation examples, infographics and galleries/collections of relevant imagery.

Hatnote | 'Listen to the sound of Wikipedia's recent changes feed.'

Guardian US | Numerous visualisation goodies in this long-form project about the wider impact of the Snowden NSA files

Al Jazeera | 'Where would 8.8 million displaced Syrians fit?'

Excel Charts | Nice re-working by Jorge converting a dual-axis line chart into a connected scatterplot

CitiBike | A look back on New York City’s first-ever bicycle share program

Star Tribune | Nice explanatory interactive to show how ranked-choice voting works

FastCo Design | 'Infographic: Explore The World Of Literary London With This Exquisite Book Map'

Fan Graphs | 'Introducing the interactive spray chart tool'

Bloomberg | A presentation examining how the US labor market has changed since 1990

Washington Post | Mixture of audio and visualisation in this work to explore the 39,000 outdoor gunshot incidents in DC area over last 8 years

Independent | 'A live visualisation of global births and deaths in your browser'

PBL | Long form piece by/for PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency exploring the rise of CO2 emissions

Washington Post | 'The story of the governor's race is written in the margins'

Stamen | 'OpenStreetMap: Every Line Ever, Every Point Ever'

FastCo Design | 'Infographic: The History Of Audio Equipment'

Guardian | 'Global deforestation: 10 hot spots on Google Earth' – great data, shame about the colours

Erasmus | Interactive project exploring where students study abroad via the European Erasmus Network

If We Assume | Interesting visual analysis of 65K pieces of artwork held by the Tate

Washington Post | 'The federal health-care exchange’s abysmal success rate' - nice slope graph from Kennedy Elliott (I like them, you know).

Czechcrime | Interactive map visualising the record crime's happening in the Czech Republic

Ten Chocolate Sundaes | Outstanding body of analysis exploring 'Visualizing the Bechdel test'

Office of Jane | Interesting project from Jane Pong to visualise smoking statistics from around the world

Vizynary | 'Restless America: state-to-state migration in 2012'

New York Times | Have I mentioned I like slope graphs?

The Black Board | Interesting data, more so than the visualisation product itself, about screenplays

Washington Post | Second project from Kennedy Elliott, 'Children from poor families more likely to be overweight or obese'

New York Times | 'Tracing the History of N.C.A.A. Conferences', already blogged about it but worthy of second mention on here

Brain Pickings | Profiling latest work from Accurat, 'The Creative Pace of the 20th Century’s Greatest Authors'


The emphasis on these items is that they are less about visualisation images and are more article-focused, so includes discussion, discourse and interviews

Telegraph | 'ODI: data literacy will help solve world's biggest challenges'

Sheila Pontis | 'Understanding Disinformation Design'

Software Feathers | Interesting approach to new multi-variate data portrayal: 'this paper presents Software Feathers, an approach for mapping characteristics of object-oriented code entities to features of artificially generated feathers.'

PJIM | Latest issue (4, Volume V) of Parsons Journal for Information Mapping

Ghostweather | Excellent article by Lynn researching advice about data visualisation consulting

Stamen | Announcing Place Pins, mapping your favourite things on Pinterest

Well-Formed Data | Great process narrative from Moritz about his latest project for Scientific American (above)

Michael Babwahsingh | 'The Real Meaning of Information Design'

The Drum | 'Creativity in the age of the Maths Men' article by Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP

Wired | '5 Maps That Could Help Solve Some of the World’s Most Daunting Problems'

Stephen Wolfram | Stephen whets the appetite for what he believes will be their most important technology project yet

Nieman Journalism Lab | 'How I faced my fears and learned to be good at math'

The Age | 'The Melbourne Now exhibition's 250 works employ myriad forms to chart stories and shifting ground'

New Republic | David Leonhardt Explains How the NYT Will Replace Nate Silver

Fast Company | 'Google reveals its 9 principles of innovation'

Tableau | Great interview with Lee Mooney about his football analysis using Tableau Public

Nieman Journalism Lab | Q&A: The Guardian’s Gabriel Dance on new tools for story and cultivating interactive journalism

Scientific American | 'Where the Wild Bees Are: Documenting a Loss of Native Bee Species between the 1800s and 2010s'

Software Studies | 'Motion Structures by Everardo Reyes: Visualizing a moving image sequence as a 3D shape'

Learning & Development

These links cover presentations, tutorials, learning opportunities, case-studies, how-tos etc.

Storytelling with Data | Nice makeover task by Cole for her class on the MICA MPS in Information Visualization

School of Data | Great piece titled 'So you want to make a map…' with the perfect first subtitle 'Are you sure?'

Gapminder | Hans Rosling's latest video presentation 'Don't Panic - showing the facts about population'

YouTube | Video from 'Where 2012' of Noah Iliinsky's talk "When To *Not* Use Maps"

Processing | Most talked about development last month, Daniel Shiffman's processing tutorials "with the goal of giving millions of students the opportunity to explore coding as a way of thinking and making"

Medium | On a related theme, 'Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code, And what I’ve learned from teaching others'

Subject News

Includes announcements within the field, brand new sites, new (to me) sites, new books and generally interesting developments.

Help Me Viz | New site: Brilliant concept from Jon Schwabish - 'This site is designed to facilitate discussion, debate, and collaboration from the data visualization community.'

Data Remixed | Announcing Tapestry 2014, February 26th in Annapolis, MD

FastCo Design | 'The Esoteric Symbols Behind User Interfaces, Explained'

Information is Beautiful Awards | Announcing the 2013 winners

Tableau | Release of Tableau 8.1, outline of new features

Voila | New site: New visualisation design and analysis studio, founded by Francis Gagnon

EcoViz | New site: 'Information visualisation for science and policy: a joined up approach'

Graphical Web | Visual Storytelling Conference: The Graphical Web, August 27-30 2014 in Winchester, England

Big Data & Society | New Journal: 'Big Data & Society (BD&S) is an open access peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes interdisciplinary work principally in the social sciences, humanities and computing and their intersections with the arts and natural sciences about the implications of Big Data for societies.'


Any other items that may or may not be directly linked to data visualisation but might have a data/technology focus or just seem worthy of sharing

Paint By Numbers | Fun concept - 'Exquisite Viz Part 1: Introducing the game, the rules and the first workbook'

Media Matters | Probably shared it before but no harm being done again. The collection of dumb and dumber charts from Fox

BBC Technology | 'Apple buys motion sensor maker PrimeSense'

Slate | Love it: 'Impress your friends and humiliate your children using Slate’s foolproof strategy for finding the missing man.'

FastCo Create | Interactive British Airways billboards point to planes flying over in real time

Twitter | When the visualisation field calls it as it is. Well, Jennifer Daniel does in particular.

Dubly | Breaking Bad Character Map