At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. Here’s the latest collection from June 2013.


Includes static and interactive visualisation examples, infographics and galleries/collections of relevant imagery.

Scientific American | 'Too Many Children Go Unvaccinated' A rise in unvaccinated children poses a public health threat | Gallery of the 'meteorites' challenge winners and entrants

New York Times | Damien Hirst's Spot prices, showing the works he has sold and their price ranges by year

Guardian US | 'The Guardian journalist behind the NSA surveillance stories has been characterised by many news outlets and organisations in recent weeks, but we wanted to find out what his readers had to say about him'

Facebook Stories | Stories of people using Facebook in extraordinary ways: 'Visualizing the NBA finals conversation on Facebook'

Vimeo | Video titled 'CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade' featuring Australian data visualisation designer, Greg More

Excel Charts | Excel dashboard: Using Excel for catchment area analysis

The Wait We Carry | Periscopic's latest project visualising the wait time before benefits are paid to US veterans

NOAA | Green: vegetation on our planet | Mapped: London’s Fire Engine Callouts

If We Assume | Airports of the world

Joshua Katz | 'Dialect survey maps' - Dialect maps by Joshua Katz based on data from the 122-question survey conducted by Bert Vaux, Department of Linguistics, University of Cambridge.

On Goals Scored | Just how provincial were Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest?

Hyperakt | Graphic for 'Corriere della Sera' - Searching for Peace in Old Age

New York Times | Housing's Rise and Fall in 20 Cities

Twitter Blog | The topography of Tweets

Inequality | The second project launched by Periscopic, partnering with the Economic Policy Institute to create an interactive experience about inequality

Visualizing Buffy (season 1) | Never watched it so can't verify the content, but like the design!


The emphasis on these items is that they are less about visualisation images and are more article-focused, so includes discussion, discourse and interviews

Rawkes | 'Vizcities Dev Diary #2: London underground in 3D, Leap motion, funding and more!'

Source | Boston Globe's Gabriel Florit on responsive visualisation (essentially his OpenVis Conf talk)

Researching Social Media | What do data visualisations 'want'?

Inventing Interactive | Remembering Quokka: one of the most innovative web design agencies from the late 90s early 00s who were ahead of their time

bost.ocks | An article of great depth from Mike, on which his Eyeo talk was based, discussing examples: 'a powerful medium of communication that is capable of expressing big ideas with immediate impact'.

Sports Performance & Tech | June's edition of 'Sports Performance & Tech' magazine, includes piece about Hawkeye data

Infodez | Interview: Cole Nussbaumer on Google, what businesses need and what’s hard to unlearn

FILWD | Great article from Enrico discussing 'Smart Visualization Annotation'

Civic | Review of Eyeo festival around the theme of 'respecting the data'

FlowingData | What the Sexes Want, in Speed Dating

Robert Hempsall | 'I’m not a mathematician – I’m a man trying to buy some breakfast'

Business Insider | A moderate take on the infographics boom... '11 Reasons Infographics Are Poison And Should Never Be Used On The Internet Again'

Content Marketing Institute | contrast, 'The Future of Visual Content: 6 Predictions About Infographics'

Quoi | 'The Art Market for Dummies' | Building Effective Color Scales

Sheila Robinson | Is education (finally) joining the dataviz movement?

Sandra Rendgen | The forgotten maps of Minard

Nature | Data visualization: ambiguity as a fellow traveler

Independent | Are Mapbox and OpenStreetMap's personalised maps the future of cartography?

New York Times | Article about 'Data-Driven Aesthetics' by Mark Hansen

Learning & Development

These links cover presentations, tutorials, learning opportunities, case-studies, how-tos etc. | A short introduction to the Processing software and projects from the community, including details of the Processing 2.0 release.

Eric Klotz | Introducing a side project of Eric to organize and categorize data visualization books that have been published in the past 15 years

UX Blog | "I don't know the real way to make a radial chart. But here's how you can make (fake) one with Excel and the GIMP."

Nanocubes | Nanocubes: Fast Visualization of Large Spatiotemporal Datasets

Visual Loop | Keep an eye out for Tiago's weekly round up data visualisation news (probably better than this monthly round up!)

SimonleonSense | ...the same with Miguel's 'Weekly Wisdom' roundup

Slideshare | Giorgia Lupi's Eyeo festival slide deck | Process narrative: 'How We Visualized Meteorite Impacts'

Etcetera | Lena Groeger's collection of 'Data and Visualization Resources'

OpenVisConf | Must watch: The OpenVis Conf 2013 collection of talk videos

ProPublica | From December 2012... 'New Year’s Resolution: Learn to Code'

Subject News

Includes announcements within the field, brand new sites, new (to me) sites, new books and generally interesting developments.

Visual Loop | Useful collection of the calendar of events around the subject of data visualisation for the remainder of 2013.

Terrapinn | Interesting event: Europe's Customer Festival (including Big Data World) takes place 16/17 September in London

GraphClick | Useful looking tool 'GraphClick is a graph digitizer software which allows to automatically retrieve the original (x,y)-data from the image of a scanned graph or from a QuickTime movie.'

Tableau Public | Journalists: Now Tableau Desktop is Free For You

Information is Beautiful Awards | 'We’re officially excited to declare the 2013 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards open for entries'

Stamen | Good-looking maps used to be the domain of experts, but no longer - 'We call it Map Stack. It's a bit like Instagram for maps.' | Recommended conference: Berlin - 'Exploring the evolution of communication at the intersection of data, storytelling and design'


Any other items that may or may not be directly linked to data visualisation but might have a data/technology focus or just seem worthy of sharing

Design Observor | RIP T: 'Everything I Know About Design I Learned from The Sopranos'

FastCo Design | Watch: Apple’s Poetic Statement On Its Design Process

Hollow Documentary | More long form storytelling elegance

Twitter | Favourite hashtags of 2013...

Medium | ‘Mad Men’ Has Another PC Problem: The limits of the show’s analog world

Core77 | Facebooks, literally