Are you interested in data visualisation? A very open question but given you are reading this post the chances are you are. Whether you only occasionally read blogs, are a full-time professional, or fall somewhere in between, it doesn't matter - you are a key part of this field's ecosystem.

Accordingly, you are invited to participate in a short data gathering exercise.

This small-scale, light-touch census represents the first attempt to capture the size, shape and composition of the data visualisation field today. Everybody and anybody who is interested in data visualisation is invited and encouraged to take part.

The survey includes just 7 quick questions. It exists as a Google Form and can be accessed here or, for convenience, completed using the embedded form below. (FORM CLOSED)

The process will run for one week, closing at 10am (UK time) on Tuesday 26th March. The responses are and will remain openly accessible to anyone to facilitate the sharing of the analysis and key insights. Hopefully, we might see some visualisations emerge also!

Thank you in advance for taking part and if you know of others who would answer 'yes' to this question, please share the link to this post.