It has been a rare pleasure to have the opportunity to spend the week along the US west coast, meeting some incredible people, catching up with old friends and new and being kindly invited to give a few talks along the way. I did various sessions at Tableau HQ, in Seattle for the SeaVis meetup and also at Facebook HQ.

This slide deck is a kind of amalgamation of all three talks so it kills three birds with one stone. I posted deck on Slideshare and tweeted it but I've had a few people who are not on Twitter enquiring about it so I thought I would give it a more permanent and efficient home on my site. If you've seen any of my other talks it probably isn't massively different but I do tweak my slides and thoughts constantly as I learn more about the field.

As with all Slideshare documents, take the occasional skew-iffy appearance and formatting as not being my fault!

Andy Kirk's Facebook Talk from Andy Kirk