At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter you will see many of these items shared as soon as I find them.

Here’s the latest collection from September 2012:

Data Remixed | Ben reflects on his first year of blogging and offers '4 Data Viz Blogging Lessons Learned' | Article

Eager Eyes | Ahead of Vis Week, Robert offered this survival guide | Article

Coexist | To mark the release of The XX's new album, a free preview was released for one week, this experiment plots the streaming activity across the globe | Animated visualisation | Alberto Cairo discussed 'Infographics and visualisations as tools for the mind' | Article

Jerome Cukier | Jerome's very impressive submission for the Tableau political visualisation contest, really pushing the storytelling capabilities of the tool | Interactive visualisation

Target Process | Michael Dubakov with an extremely thorough essay on information visualisation from back in March 2012... | Article

Target Process | ...and an equally impressive piece produced this month about Visual Encoding | Article

New York Times | The NYT manages to squeeze value and insight out of a word/bubble cloud regarding National Convention political language | Interactive visualisation

Amazon | New book discovered coming out just after Christmas: 'Data Insights' by Hunter Whitney | Book

Eager Eyes | Storytelling and focus - studying the different between analysis and presentation in visualisation | Article

Flowing Data | RGB Colorspace Atlas shows every shade in a cubic book | Book

UX Blog | Demonstration/experiment in using sparklines in maps | Techniques

Moebio | Wikipedia and gender - the number of male/female editors in various wikipedia articles (includes fantastic solution for handling axis scale/outliers) | Interactive visualisation

Handsome Atlas | Wonderful collection of graphics and visualisation - 'The Amazing and Incredible Statistical Atlases of the United States of America compiled in the final decades of The Nineteenth Century' | Gallery

bl.ocks | Mike Bostock presents a variety of mapping projections for plugin usage in D3 | Programming

Data Cuisine | Results from the fascinating data cuisine open data workshop, run by Moritz Stefaner... | Article/Gallery

Data Cuisine |... and a slide deck from Moritz' presentation at the above workshop | Presentation

Estadao | Nice graphic about the Maracana football stadium in Brazil | Infographic

Sensory Maps | Fascinating visual project to portray the different smell patterns around various locations in the world | Visualisation

Moebio | A quiet September for Santiago... here is his '7 sets Venn Diagram' project involving 128 color combinations from mixing 7 colours | Interactive

Tulp Interactive | Jan Willem's project 'Close Votes' showing which Dutch cities distribute their votes similar over the political parties | Interactive visualisation

Vizbi | Tamara Munzner's keynote speech on visualisation principles | Video

Revolutions | Andrew Winterman from Periscopic discusses how they design data apps using R | Article

Mike.Teczno | A beginner's guide to streamed data from Twitter | Tutorial

On Goals Scored | Visual analysis of Premier League top goalscorers and the parts of their bodies used to score | Visualisation

Stories Through Data | Interview with Mirko Lorenz 'from the practitioner's perspective' | Interview

Poynter | Interview with the Guardian US's Gabriel Dance who highlights 5 ways to create interactives that inform & engage readers | Interview

Studio NAND | Discussing the background and process behind the emoto project's data sculpture | Article

Data Pointed | His And Hers Colors: Popular Color Names By Gender Preference | Interactive visualisation

The Functional Art | Alberto discusses the merits of connected scatter plots | Article

Office of Jane | ...and here are some examples, about the emerging volatility in the Eurozone crisis | Visualisaiton | Assessing the skillsets and design process behind the work of | Article

NPR | 'Odd Things Happen When You Chop Up Cities And Stack Them Sideways' | Visualisation

Garcia Media | 'USA TODAY turns 30: Part 1—Looking into the attic for those early sketches' | Article

Garcia Media | 'USA TODAY turns 30-Part 3—A weather map that created a global tsunami' | Article

Visual Loop | 'Talking with ... Chiqui Esteban' | Interview

Density Design | In advance of starting a 6 month post in New York with Parson's Institute for Information Mapping, Giorgia Lupi profiles a range of visualisations of/about NYC | Article

Personal Informatics | 'Spark: Visualizing Physical Activity Using Abstract, Ambient Art' | Paper

Wood Changes | Project which looks at the dimensional changes in wood (more interesting than that title implies!) | Interactive Visualisation

Stephen Wolfram | Introducing 'Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook' | Article

FastCo Design | A 40-Minute Crash Course In Design Thinking | Article/Video

Complex Diagrams | Noah's great line up of speaking engagements usually with accompanying slide deck and/or video | Presentations/videos

MapBox | Updated MapBox streets terrain layer | Article

BBC Technology | Video article asking 'is data visualisation just style over substance' (answer: some is, some isn't, let's move on) | Video

Scientific American | '' | Article

Graphics Info | Nice use of stacked bar chart to show the personal-declared identity of Hong Kong citizens over 15 years since the handover | Visualisation

Eager Eyes | Robert drops the bombshell of his departure from academia... (is this sounding like a tv guide entry for a soap opera?) | Article

Face of Big Data | New site/project designed to get participating volunteers to help measure the world | Site/Project

Data Driven Journalism | Analysis of Hans Rosling's presentation at OK Festival | Article

Information is Beautiful | Results of the inaugural 'Information is Beautiful' awards contest | Awards

Angela Morelli | A nicely executed alternative approach to the tower infographic, with interactivity and animation | Interactive Infographic | 'I Suck at Drawing' - skipping storyboards in motion graphic design | Article

Chrome Web Lab | Introducing a series of Chrome experiments, in this case it is the 'Data Tracer' discovering where images are stored around the world | Interactive Visualisation

Worry Dream | Significant article from Bret Victor - 'Learnable Programming: Designing a programming system for understanding programs' | Article

The Atlantic | How Google Builds Its Maps—and What It Means for the Future of Everything | Article

Vimeo | 'Inge Druckney: Teaching to See', produced by Edward Tufte | Video

Domus Web | 'The importance of being axonometric' — Interview with Michael Stoll about the principles and scale of information design | Interview

Visual Zeit | Visualizing disease incidence in the context of socioeconomic factors | Article/Video | Analysis vs. Promotion vs. Story: A Tale of Three Audiences | Article

Some Prints | Stacked bar charts vs. the cast of Scooby Doo | Visualisation

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