I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the Big Data World, Europe conference in London, on the 19th and 20th September taking place at ETC St Paul's. I just wanted to briefly introduce the event, its line up and also announce that the organisers have kindly provided me with a free complimentary pass to the whole event, worth around £1500, to allocate to one of my readers.

The intention behind this event is very neatly expressed by its tag line 'How to store, analyse and use data - for all businesses' so there should be something for everybody. The programme of talks is structured around three separate streams: 'Store it', 'Analyse it' and 'Use it'. I will be presenting on day one in the afternoon. My talk will be titled 'Understanding learning in order to implement efficient visualisation methods' and will cover:
  • Examining what data visualisation is attempting to achieve
  • Assessing how lessons learnt from psychology can be applied to improve visualisation methods
  • Understanding how visualisation can provide a more balanced assessment of data, overcoming the natural bias that collecting your own data incurs
  • Building visualisation techniques upon a psychological framework to ensure they work better with human mental representation and visual processes
Apart from the sheer thrill of seeing me on stage, there is a wonderful line up of speakers and notable organisations, it really is impressive list of some of the world's most important companies spanning all sectors.

Win a Free Pass!

So how are you going to get there? Well, if you want to register you can do so here or, if you want to hang on, I have a complimentary pass valid for both days of the event, including the evening drinks reception on the 19th September. As I said above these are worth a great deal so if you do want to attend it will be a nice bonus for you! To keep things simple I'm going to run a simple prize draw so, if you're interested in the free pass, email me andy@visualisingdata.com with your name and details and I'll then pull out a randomly selected name at 16:00 (BST) on Thursday 16th August and announce the winner. ** Update: I now have two passes to give away! Imagine the possibilities... **