Arriving in time for the start of the Olympics today, Power the Games Live is a new development from Applied Works for the official energy provider EDF, which draws from many thousands of data records from a multitude of measuring devices to create a transparent and accessible display of energy usage during the games.

Using a monitoring dashboard called 'Visi', this is a real-time tool that visualises energy consumption at the key Olympic venues including the Olympic Park, the Acquatics Centre, Velodrome, Basketball Arena, the London Eye and London Bridge and see the current energy consumption in real-time.

You can modify the display for daily, weekly, monthly and annual usage and also overlay the usage with contextual information such as the outside temperature, rainfall and daylight/competition hours. Notice the subtle design of a darker background for night time hours.

During the Games, Visi will be on show in the EDF Pavilion at the Olympic Park. The Visi product will remain at the venues after the Games to enable future energy managers to understand and reduce electricity consumption at the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre and Velodrome.

You can read more about the project on this Applied Works case-study and learn more through this video: