In recent months we've seen a number of new developments on the tools side of the visualisation field. We've had Datawrapper, the Miso project and are still waiting in anticipation for the releases of polychart and Today sees the launch of Quadrigram, a 'Visual Programming Environment to gather, shape, and share living data'.

Quadrigram is a paid-for tool designed to enable everyone who works with data, regardless of their technical, programming capabilities, to create powerful, flexible and custom visualisations. For those of you out there looking to go beyond the bar chart/Excel this should interest you. There is a trial version to get your hands on it before committing to the pricing plans.

You can read about its many features and capabilities here and watch the movie below to see its use in exploratory data analysis. There are also loads of tutorials and guides to help you understand how to use this tool to get the best out of your data visualisations.

You can follow Quadrigram's developments via its site, the blog, and connect on Facebook and on Twitter.