Those of you who have watched the video footage from the recent SEE conference may have seen Manuel Lima's talk on the 'The Power of Networks: Knowledge in an age of infinite interconnectedness'. Manuel is a Senior UX Design Lead at Microsoft Bing, founder of and author of the Visual Complexity book.

However, this isn't the first time he has delivered this talk, having previously presented at the Royal Society of Arts (London) in December 2011. Today, Manuel has shared a wonderful animated version of this December presentation which has been chosen to be part of the RSA Animated series, where the contents of 14 key speeches and books have converted into beautifully hand-drawn 10-minute animations. The illustrations have been created by the talented people from Cognitive Media.

Here is the background to the talk:

[Manuel Lima] visits the RSA to explore a critical paradigm shift in various areas of knowledge, as we stop relying on hierarchical tree structures and turn instead to networks in order to properly map the inherent complexities of our modern world. The talk will showcase a variety of captivating examples of visualization and also introduce the network topology as a new cultural meme.

If you want prefer to look through original slideshow, visit slideshare.