Great to see a new post from Joe Parry (somebody whose work I have followed for a number of years) announcing the launch of his new venture Cambridge Intelligence and specifically the first product KeyLines "a cutting edge visualisation software which helps you see the networks in your data".

KeyLines is an interactive software development kit which works on desktop, tablets and phones and across all major platforms. If the concept of a software development kit leaves some of you thinking "ah, it's just for developers" you might be mistaken. Joe describes how KeyLines handles all the clever rendering of code and event handling leaving the developer to decide "what data should be shown and how". Sounds great. With a long list of customisable features this sounds like a really interesting addition to the ever growing landscape of data visualisation tools and resources (note: I've about 30 to add to this series very soon...). Rather than just lift Joe's carefully crafted descriptions it is probably best that you simply visit the site, read the blog, check out their new twitter feed and take a look for yourselves.