At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter and Google+ you will see many of these items shared as soon as I find them.

Here’s part one of the latest collection from January 2012 (see part two):

Vimeo | Jer Thorp talks about his work helping the New York Times visualise the 'life of a story' and the design of the NYC 9/11 Memorial | Video

Excel Charts | Jorge presents 12 Data Visualization questions he doesn't feel he (or rather the field) has sufficient answers for | Article | A compilation of "12 Great Visualizations That Made History" | Collection

Flickr | Professor Michael Stoll has some wonderful Flickr collections, here's one group titled 'A Plan for New York City 1969' | Images | Profile of Christopher Warnow's processing-based visualisation project which looks at the Amazon recommendation network | Interactive Visualisation

R-Bloggers | Amanda Cox on 'How The New York Times Graphics Department Uses R' | Article | Following a 6-year effort, details of a staggering map project which offers an inventory of the forests in the US | Static Visualisation

Chartsnthings | Kevin Quealy talks through the design process behind the NYT's 'Defense Budget Puzzle' project | Design Process

Chartsnthings | Kevin Quealy talks through the design process behind the NYT's 'Before, During and After: The Richest 1 Percent' project | Design Process

New York Times | The NYT's 'Choice Words' project - "Selected words used by President Obama in his State of the Union addresses, and by Republican presidential candidates in their debates, television interviews and major speeches since May" | Static Visualisation

Bear 71 | Bear 71 is the true story of a female grizzly bear monitored by wildlife conservation officers from 2001 - 2009. This is the interactive, animated 20 minute documentary of their findings and the bear's story | Interactive Visualisation/Animation

Code Year | Fantastic learning resource - "Sign up for Code Year to start receiving a new interactive programming lesson every Monday. You'll be building apps and websites before you know it!" | Site

Color Method | A colour matching game. That's all, get playing! | Colour Theory/Site

Logo Design Love | Funny collection of potentially merged logo source ideas | Logos

Aligned Left | An amazingly valuable, growing collection of D3 tutorials | Tutorials

Blog About Stats | Data Journalism: A Handbook, Guides and a Competition | Data Journalism

Eager Eyes | Robert discusses an alternative approach to the classic two series line chart, suggesting the uncertainty of the undecided voters should be embraced | Article

Eye Magazine | Interesting article titled 'Words in practice', discussing how writing and designing are "part of a continuum of communication skills". | Article

Vimeo | Drew Conway offers some first steps in learning D3.js for data visualisation | Video

Pentagram | Paula Scher’s map paintings exhibited in New York | Exhibition | Video from Steven Johnson's "Long Zoom" talk, especially interesting is Chapter 6 about the London cholera outbreak and John Snow's famous map | Video | Google-sponsored Data Journalism Awards open to entries | Contest

Guardian | ITO World produced an animated visualisation to portray a 'day in the life of Britain's new rail network' based on national rail timetable and plans for the new High Speed line | Animated Visualisation

Fast Co Design | Detailed article about the Helvetica font 'Conquered The World With Its Cool, Comforting Logic' | Article

Guardian | Revealing the power of narratives and how they can aid memory - "A compelling story line, however off the wall, can help us remember the facts we're trying to learn" | Article

Times Talent | Wonderful job opportunity as a Data Scientist for the New York Times Company | Job Posting

Infographics News | Texas and weather graphics: the Dallas Morning News instant classic | Static Visualisation

Mother Jones | Another great demonstration of how you can lie with charts, this time on the topic of global warming | Principles

Logo Design Love | A mix up with the Madrid 2020 logo... | Logos

Trulia | More elegant visualisation output from Trulia, this time on house hunters in the US | Interactive Visualisation

Huffington Post | NASA visualises the earth's temperatures from the late 1880's to the modern day | Video

O'Reilly Radar | Mac Slocum presents an episode of O'Reilly Radar with an interview with author Clay Johnson 'Info overload vs over-consumption' | Video

Marije Rooze | Marije Rooze's master's thesis which involves a fansastic collection of over 150 visualisations and graphics form the New York Times and the Guardian | Collection

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