At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter and Google+ you will see many of these items shared as soon as I find them.

Here’s part one of the latest collection from November 2011 (see part two):

From now on I am going to split these posts into two parts due to the sheer volume of excellent content that keeps emerging each month - this makes it less overwhelming for you as a reader and me as the curator!

Vimeo | Video interview with London-based data designer Stefanie Posavec - "Rather than simply turning a set of numbers into an information graphic, she finds data in things we wouldn’t normally associate with this type of information." | Video Interview

Worry Dream | A Brief Rant On The Future Of Interaction Design | Design Article

Fast Co Design | A Plea: Design With Conviction, Or Don't Design At All | Design Article | New data visualisation design agency Small Multiples launches their new website | New website

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox | Accuracy vs. Insights in Quantitative Usability - "Better to accept a wider margin of error in usability metrics than to spend the entire budget learning too few things with extreme precision" | Research Article

Forbes | Mapping American Migration - Close to 40 million Americans move from one home to another every year, this map visualises migration data from the IRS | Interactive Visualisation

BBC News Business | Eurozone debt web: Who owes what to whom? This visualisation shows the gross external, or foreign, debt of some of the main players in the eurozone as well as other big world economies with arrow connections indicating how much money is owed by each country to banks in other nations | Interactive Visualisation

BBC News Technology | Facebook users average 3.74 degrees of separation | Technology Statistics

Wired Science | Beautiful Destruction: 11 Gorgeous Geological Maps of Volcanoes | Maps

chartsnthings | Before and After: Senate Race Ratings - a sketch showing the original concept alongside the final piece for analysis of the 33 Senate seats up for election in 2012 | Design Example

Infosthetics | CNN Ecosphere: 3D Ecosystem Globe Grows on #cop17 Tweets | Interactive Visualisation

Recursion | D3 for Mere Mortals - "I know very little about D3, but the best way to learn something is to teach here is a very simple introduction to D3 from the beginning" | Programming Tutorial

Fathom | What does seven billion look like? Dencity is a map of global population density as the world reaches this important milestone | Static Visualisation

Color Oracle | Learn more about the design of information graphics and maps that are accessible for color-impaired readers | Knowledge Articles

Fast Co Design | "Dieter Rams’s 10 Principles Of Good Design, Revealed In 10 Clever Posters" | Design Article

O'Reilly Radar | Don't blame the information for your bad habits - Clay Johnson on info overload vs. info overconsumption | Interview Article

Smashing Magazine | "In his book, The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz comes to an interesting conclusion involving human choice - 'People choose not on the basis of what’s most important, but on what’s easiest to evaluate'" | Design Article

Flong | Some thoughts on infographic street art | Interview Article

Visualopolis | Having fun with numbers at Época - Alberto Cairo shares a translated article describing examples of the changes he is trying to bring to the magazine | Design Article

Jon Bruner - Quantified | How To Build an Interactive Map with Open-Source Tools | Programming Tutorial

Data Remixed | Tableau dashboard shows you how to win at monopoly | Tableau Visualisation

Fast Co Design | Infographic Of The Day: NYC Finally Builds A Better Subway Map | Visualisation Article

Fast Co Design | Infographic Of The Day: The Pro Sports Twitterverse | Visualisation Article

Infographics News | Why infographics are a good business for media | Infographics Article

Tanara Munzner | "Information Visualization: Principles, Methods, and Practice" - preview of chapters and contents for Tamara Munzner's upcoming book | Book Chapters

ITO World Blog | Road casualty mapping for GB roads | Interactive Visualisation

Jerome Cukier | "Don’t take my word for it" - thoughtful article considering how interactive displays are and can be used for teaching, telling stories and getting a message across | Visualisation Article

Jerome Cukier | "Promising difficulties" - discussing the concept (and original paper) that suggests charts which are read almost effortlessly are not necessarily the ones that readers understand or remember best | Visualisation Article

Matthew Healy | A week of foursquare check-ins on the path to one billion | Animated Visualisation & Design Article

Max Gadney | Why People Love Maps - "We love maps because we know how to read them, but there are other reasons that many visualisations end up as maps and unfortunately the answer doesn't always have the end user in mind." | Visualisation Article

Monster Swell | Timemaps visualises how the map of the Netherlands would look if it would be scaled proportionally to the travel times (by train) between cities | Visualisation Design Article

Popular Science | The 'Data is Power' November Issue | Magazine

Pete Search | How to create a terrible visualization - lessons from failed visualizations | Visualisation Article

Periscopic | Visualizing the words used in the 2011-2012 Republican Primary debates presented by issues, words or candidates | Interactive Visualisation

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