DataAppeal maps US east coast earthquake

During my recent stint as guest-editor on Infosthetics, I profiled a new tool called DataAppeal which allows you to upload and map geospatial data in three-dimension on top of a Google Earth map.

Nadia Amaroso, the founder, has responded quickly to yesterday’s unusual earthquakes on the US east cost. She has retrieved a dataset form the “did you feel it” pages of the US Geological Society, uploaded it onto DataAppeal and produced a range of different visualisations based on the recorded intensities of recorded readings in the cities impacted.

These visualisations are presented here as snapshot images but can be produced and shared as KML/KMZ files which allow you to explore and navigate around them in 3D via Google Earth, thus overcoming the shortcomings of viewing 3D data in a 2D landscape. Here are some sample files: KMZ1 and KMZ2.

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