Remember RSS feeds? Yes, they are still a thing and still an important thing for people like me who have a blog. However, sometimes, site editors like me are ignorant to the fact their RSS feed is not working and that thousands of keen readers and potentially valuable customers are cruelly being denied access to this rich array of award-winning and award-losing content.

I must therefore thank a keen-eyed reader (thanks Joey) who discovered one of my long-established RSS feed options has been stuck in time to the extent that subscribers have not seen ANY post updates since December.

I have looked into things and discovered that, for some reason, my Google Feedburner RSS feed (that most use as the source for their RSS subscription) had reverted to an expired URL, which is odd because that URL expired long before the most recent posts Feedburner was still pushing out.

Anyway, explaining the dark arts of RSS feeds is far too heavy for my brain on a Monday morning so just know that it has now been sorted. It does mean that those who were using this feed will now get a glut of old but new updates so apologies you've been kept in the dark this long!

Just to clarify, there are two RSS feed URLs you could use to get updates from this site. The direct and recommended feed comes from, the Google Feedburner feed is I recommend the direct feed simply because I never have real faith that Google's fringe applications like Feedburner won't be killed off one day without much notice but, having said that, it seems it is still being supported for now.