A quick announcement to the broader visitorship out there, having briefly tweeted about it last week I am thrilled to have received approval to start work on my second book, which will be published by SAGE (one of the "world's leading independent academic and professional publisher", I'll have you know).

I'm not going to share any details on the title or contents just yet but, as with all my endeavours, it will be aimed at covering in detail the practical craft of data visualisation (it won't be a glossy coffee-table gallery of different works, for example) with a realistic target completion date being the latter part of 2015.

One of the main things that excites me about this project is that the publishers have stated their commitment to explore some great innovations in the relationship between print and digital form: not just in replicating a text digitally but about creating a digital companion to the printed content. I think that is needed in discussing this subject.

The second main thing that excites me is that the book WILL be printed in colour. Obvious, right? Well, not always, sadly...

My experiences from writing the first book were that it is a painful slog, fraught with mental blocks, anxieties about added-value, fears of mis-quoting or mis-referencing ideas, frustrations at trying to secure permissions for image usage etc. I think this quote astutely sums up the prospect:


Whilst I was satisfied with the content of my first book (not so much it's form), I feel I have moved on considerably with so much more to say than I had the chance to share back then. I'm confident that, with the professional support SAGE will unquestionably provide me, this second title will truly be the book I have wanted to produce. I'll keep you posted on progress...