After a happy two years living amongst the rolling hills and picturesque scenery of Hebden Bridge, this week, my wife and I are weighing anchor and moving back to the metropolis of Leeds.


This means that Visualising Data HQ is on the move also. Below is a snapshot of the scene as the office is gradually being turned inside out and upside down. I will be keeping things ticking over for another 36 hours then I will pull the plugs, pack the remaining things and begin the move on Friday. There will then be a few days of radio silence until I get broadband access reinstated in the new abode. As ever, the rule is nobody is allowed to publish anything interesting during this period, at least not until I'm back online. It's only fair.


Coincidentally, tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of this site's launch so it is an ideal opportunity to publicly thank everyone for their continued - and amazing - support. I feel incredibly fortunate to still have folks coming along to the site to consume my musings, journey through my lists and read about the latest developments. It is fair to say you complete me.

When I began blogging in 2010 I was simply looking for a convenient platform to share my thoughts on data visualisation, continuing my earnest learning of the subject through writing about it. I never expected the fantastic opportunities I have experienced since then.

However, whilst I have grown professionally, the look, feel and function of the site has remained relatively unchanged. This is set to change. In the next month or two I will be launching a brand new site with a fresh visual identity and a more refined experienced. More news on this when the time is right...

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