A few weeks ago I invited suggestions for locations I should look to arrange my next schedule of public data visualisation training workshops up to around May 2014.

I've had such a broad array of requests and recommendations, thank you to all who got in touch!

Ultimately, my plan is to arrange events in the locations below, which are not dissimilar to my initially intended locations. I have had to trim back my ambitions slightly due to existing commitments and an inability to be in two places at once! However, I will have more time from end of May onwards to pursue plans to visit more places, including what will be a follow up trip to Australia.


I will now work on confirming dates as soon as possible and will create registration pages once this has been finalised. In the meantime, if you want to provisionally let me know of your interest in attending any one of these events, just get in touch via email andy@visualisingdata.com.

Note also that the locations above are in addition to existing events planned for London (14th Jan) and Utrecht (22nd Jan).

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