Thanks so much to everybody who has submitted, shared and discussed the 'Data Visualisation Census' that we launched yesterday. At the time of writing we are marching towards 950 responses which is a super return from a day and a bit - still have 6 days left to go so hopefully we can reach a target of around 2000.

I've noticed on Twitter, in particular, that people are now starting to look at the data and do some analysis. This is wonderful and is exactly the aim of this process to open up to anyone and everyone to do some analysis and unearth the key insights.

To maybe try and bring a bit of coordination to this, I've created a Google Doc to act as a hub for ideas and developments from this work.

Rather than discussions getting lost within the depths of social media, maybe this will help bring these interactions in to a single space that can lead to the furthering of ideas, the raising of concerns, data quality tasks, analytical thoughts, insight discovery and, of course, visualisation work.

Open 'Data Visualisation Census 2013 (Analysis Notes)'

This is completely open for anyone to refine, edit and add to. I've made a start with some things that occurred to me or I saw others discussing but it is just a starter for now. Use it and move it on as the community sees fit!

1578 responses to the first data visualisation census!
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