The data visualisation census data collection exercise for 2013 is completed.

After seven days, endless prompts (sorry, that is over now!) and 1578 responses we have captured our first dataset to potentially get a sense of the shape, size and participation of the data visualisation field in 2013.

Thank you so much to everyone who has played a part in shaping the census questions, promoting the exercise and of course participating with your responses. You are all heroes (3 parts*) and heroines (1 part*).

So what now?

The intention of this exercise was for it to exist as an open resource, inviting anyone and everyone to take the data, explore it and find interesting insights. There have already been a few people pulling together quick visualisations but now at least we have a stable dataset with which to work.

If you are interested in doing some work on this data, please note the following resources/documents:

Published article - Here's the original blog post that published details of the census process

Questions - Here's a reminder of the questions with the original survey form.

Summary - A summary of the responses can be found here. Pretty useless apart from 3 sets of charts.

Responses - The final data set is here (I have taken a backup copy on the off chance that somebody's dog accidentally chews it up...). Access is open to all but view only. I know certain people are interested in cleaning the data, so let me know if you want to add cleaned/modified columns back in and I will grant you specific 'edit' access.

Data/Analysis Notes - As I posted the other day, it would seem sensible to coordinate and collate as much of the work that emerges together where possible. This document is intended to try bring some organisation to the task of data cleaning, transformation, analysis and insights. It is completely open for anyone to refine, edit and add to. I've made a start with some things that occurred to me but it is just a starter for now. Use it and move it forward as you see fit!

Once we've some examples of analysis, visualisations and insights I will share the work in a further blog post.

Please share this and feel free to get involved yourself, thanks in advance!

* according to census results :)

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Data visualisation census: Open doc for analysis notes