At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. Here’s the latest collection from December 2012.

Mattiaparietti | An immersive and incredibly comprehensive look through the drink habits and patterns of the characters of Mad Men | Interactive Visualisation

Bomb Sight | Mapping the WW2 bomb census: Exploring the London Blitz during 7th October 1940 to 6th June 1941 | Interactive Visualisation

BBC | Interactive site to explore the UK census results and patterns | Interactive Visualisation

BBC | Population pyramids for the UK census population changes | Interactive Visualisation

Graphics Info | Graphic exploring the comparable goalscoring careers of Lionel Messi and Gerd Muller | Visualisation

Satyan Devadoss | Interesting radial/chord diagram to explore 'Impact of Major on Career Path for 15600 Williams College Alums' | Interactive Visualisation | Recapping the winners of the Visualizing Global Marathon | Gallery

Till Nagel | One of the winners of the Global Marathon, Till Nagel, describes his entry | Article

New York Times | Fun interactive way to determine who could be/have been hurt most by the US fiscal impasse | Interactive Visualisation

Design Seeds | Inspirational resouce for looking up colour palettes that you'll love | Tool

UX Blog | Five years of US traffic fatalities | Visualisation

BBC | Plotted history of the growth of BBC News online | Interactive Visualisation

New York Times | A collection of their incredible work during 2012 | Gallery

Washington Post | Another wonderful collection of 2012 work, this time from the Washington Post | Gallery

Guardian US Interactive | 2012 in America: the year in review | Interactive Visualisation

Guardian Data Blog | A review of 2012 in data | Article

Mashable | Interview with and profile of Jer Thorp | Interview

Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks | See how much money people make in every neighborhood in every city in America | Interactive Visualisation

Vizify | My year on Twitter - bit of fun testing out vizify tool | Interactive Visualisation

13pt | Drawing science in sign - design narrative about creating an infographic about sign language | Article

Charts n' things | Kevin describes the challenge of choosing the best form | Article

Clearly and Simply | Building network graphics in Tableau | Article

blprnt | "This summer, Mark Hansen and I created an artwork, installed at the eBay headquarters in San Jose, which investigates this idea of the eBay database as a cultural artifact" | Article

Eager Eyes | The changing goals of data visualisation | Article

Polychart | Announcing the commercial launch of polychart | Article

UX Blog | "The Real Losers of Election 2012? The Colorblind" | Article

Junkcharts | There's life without animation - nice analysis of the charts without moving parts that still convey time varying data | Article

National Infographic | Wonderful behind the scenes explanation of the work behind 'Penguins hit the gas' | Article

Tableau | Andy Cotgreave presents his 'Top 5 Visualisations of All Time' | Article

Peltier Tech Blog | Jon Schwabish's guest post explaining and critiquing some of the charts doing the rounds about the 'Fiscal Cliff' [You made it Jon!] | Article

Eager Eyes | Robert discusses a really important design issue: affordance | Article

The Functional Art | Claiming back the word infographic | Article

Flowing Data | Time-lapse writing of a research paper | Video

Jerome Cukier | Events in the Games of Thrones | Interactive Visualisation

Brain Pickings | Looking at the wonderful work of Accurat and their English version of the history of Nobel Prizes | Article

FastCo Design | 9 Personal Stories Of Love And Travel, Told In Data-Driven Jewelry | Article

Visually | Using Visual Reasoning to Understand Numbers | Article

Wired | Twitter lets you download your entire tweet archive | Article

Guardian Data Blog | Great dataset collated by the Guardian on the number of guns sold in the US | Data

Vallandingham | Tutorial on building 'Small Multiples with Details on Demand' | Tutorial

The Functional Art | There's beauty in print graphics | Article

Autodesk Research | OrgOrgChart: The evolution of an organisation | Article/Video

National Geographic | Vintage Data visualization at Nat Geo, circa 1900 | Gallery | Interesting approach to showing the density of populations as you move up and down the latitude of a coast | Interactive Visualisation

Eager Eyes | Robert introduces the Tapestry conference, taking place in Nashville on 27th Feb | Conference

New York Times | The rather incredible 'Snow Fall' interactive story-telling telling project | Interactive Story

Atlantic Wire | "What the NYT's 'Snow Fall' means to online journalisms's future" | Article

Charts n' Things | Snow Fall: Making a mountain out of a mountain of data | Article

Poynter | "How The New York Times’ ‘Snow Fall’ project unifies text, multimedia" | Article

Grahaphics | 3D illustrator Graham Roberts describes his work on the Snow Fall project | Narrative

Source | Finally... A Q&A with the NYT team behind Snow Fall | Interview

Michael Babwahsingh | Michael discusses the idea of the 'Dawn of the Understanding Age' | Article

Guardian | Geography Game: How well do you know the world? | Interactive Project

Perceptual Edge | Stephen discusses the important issue of background colour | Article

Brain Pickings | Vintage Visual Language: The Story of Isotype | Article

bmander | "This is a map of every person counted by the 2010 US and 2011 Canadian censuses. The map has 341,817,095 dots - one for each person" | Interactive Visualisation

Jonathan Crowe | New Book: "The Measure of Manhattan" | Book

BBC | Maps and Mapmaking | Programme

Data Desk | The LA Times' Data Desk: Maps, Databases, Analysis and Visualisation | Site

Quartz | Check your US tax rate for 2012—and every year since 1913 | Interactive Visualisation

Wall Stats | An old one but needs resharing: 'Down the Rabbit Hole of the Pentagon Graphics Machine' | Gallery

Column Five | Cedric Kiefer on Generative Design | Interview

Viewtific | Building good infographics part 1: Just because you can say it doesn’t mean you can show it. | Article

Data Art | A Quick Illustrated History of Visualisation | Article/Site

Edward Tufte | Megan Jaegerman's brilliant news graphics (from 2007) | Article/Gallery

Xocas | The NYT's Xaquín G.V announces he is teaching at the School of Visual Arts and describes some of the themes he will be covering | Article

Fast Company | Without Human Insight, Big Data Is Just A Bunch Of Numbers | Article

Boing Boing | Jerry Seinfeld on information design (1981) | Video

Remix of the Century
Investigating the impact of Superstorm Sandy