Just want to alert everyone to an exciting and enlightening new blog that has been launched today. National Infographic is the perfectly titled blog of Juan Velasco, the Art Director of National Geographic magazine, and formerly a Graphics reporter at El Mundo (Spain) and the Graphics Art Director at The New York Times. Quite a CV, I'm sure you'll agree.

Really delighted to see this being launched, I know from discussions after Malofiej that Juan was contemplating the idea of creating such a platform for showcasing National Geographic's work Here's an outline of the intention behind this blog, in Juan's own words:

I decided to start this blog to share a bit of the process, challenges and hopefully successes of creating art, maps and graphics for a broad, international audience. We combine journalism, art and design to turn on the light for our readers and transform difficult concepts into clear, transformative learning experiences.

You should really read more from this introductory 'Hello World' post, describing the work and working process of the National Geogrpahic's award-winning graphics team.

Juan's first (proper) post describes the amazing work that goes into a project about the Mustang Caves of Nepal, particularly highlighting the meticulous talents of Fernando Baptista, one of the Senior Graphics Editors.

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