Just a quick mention for a fascinating new conference that will be held in New York City on the 8th and 9th of November. It is simply called Visualized and is described as 'exploring the evolution of communication at the intersection of big data, storytelling and design'.

My initial sense of this event is that it might offer a neat intersection between two of the most highly thought-of conferences out there at the moment, namely the Eyeo Festival and Strata:
Join us for an inspiring two-day gathering with the brightest minds and social innovators from around the world who are changing how we understand and interact with data; and gain insight into designing data-driven narratives that connect with audiences and visualize the human experience.
There is already a great line up of speakers, many of the names being instantly recognisable to those familiar with the subject, and I'm told there are more to be added.

Whilst I won't be speaking at the event I will be in New York that week and so will definitely be attending. It will be brilliant to cross paths with some of you and I will be issuing very public high-fives to the first 10 readers I meet. Even if the conference line up does nothing for you, that's got to be worth something, surely? Registration opens today (20th August) at 12pm EST and you can follow announcements via Twitter amongst other channels.

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