Tasty Tweets is a data visualisation experiment that expands the usual encoding options beyond simple visuals. Developed by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the project allows users to explore current twitter trends through taste. The project was on show at this year’s Campus Party Europe in Berlin.

Using the Twitter API the device collects 100 tweets searching for mentions of specific fruits like apple, blueberry and pineapple. Based on the mentions, valves are triggered to release the appropriate flavoured from vessels based on the proportion of mentions. With the ever changing references to fruit on Twitter, each smoothie created has a unique blend of flavours. That's not all...

Data from which the smoothie is created are graphically represented on a computer screen. It shows the proportions of flavors in the current smoothie as well as the most recent tweets from which the smoothie was created. Furthermore, a historic view of past smoothies allows users to compare trends over time.

You can watch the device in action in this video:

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