At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking web content I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter you will see many of these items shared as soon as I find them.

Here’s part one of the latest collection from June 2012 (see part two):

GE Data Visualization | Working America: An interactive exploration of who has been working in America since 1960 | Interactive Visualisation

Eager Eyes | Robert discusses the differences between showing data and showing trends in your visualisation approach | Article

BBC News Asia | Videographic of Nato's exit strategy in Afghanistan | Videographic

Junk Charts | Kaiser evaluates a design where geographical data is plotted without a map | Article

New York Times | The shooting patterns for the players on the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder reveal where they are most dangerous on the court | Interactive Visualisation

Chart n Things | Kevin Quealy and Graham Roberts discuss the merits of putting flags on swimmers' speedos... | Article

Data Driven Journalism | Knight News Challenge: Data is now open | Article

Ghostweather R&D Blog | Nice overview of the Eyeo 2012 festival from Lynn Cherny | Article

Infosthetics | ...and likewise a thorough review in this guest post from Kim Rees | Article

FiLWD | Enrico asks 'What is progress in visualisation?" | Article

Flowing Data | When the world sleeps, based on Twitter activity | Static Visualisation

Perceptual Edge | Stephen Few updates his flagship 'Show Me the Numbers' book with a second edition | Book/Article

Viewtific | Discussing the the ethics of information | Article

Daily Mail | The art of GPS: Secret corpse flights, pizza boy delivery routes and the daily commute revealed in never-before-seen side of America | Gallery

Cartastrophe | Daniel analyses some of the flaws in the methods used across some of the above examples | Critique

Fast Co. Design | Moneyball 2.0: How Missile Tracking Cameras Are Remaking The NBA | Article

Flowing Data | 56 years of tornadoes plotted on to a map of the US | Static Visualisation

Fast Co. Design | A Weather App Based Upon Dieter Rams’s 10 Principles Of Design | Article

Forbes | Thinking Outside the Chart Menu: Part 2 | Article

Mashable | Visualized: 100 Years of Movie Poster Colors | Static Visualisation | Excellent piece from Gregor which explores 'doing line charts right' | Article

Data Remixed | A Dataviz Blast from the Past – Part 1 | Article

SBS | Australian Census data developed by 'Small Multiples' | Interactive Visualisation

Forbes | Arrow Charts and Other Alternatives to Multiple Pie Charts | Article

CIID | How much of a language is silent? 'silenc' is a tangible visualization of an interpretation of silent letters within Danish, English and French | Article/Video

The Functional art | The difference between infographics artists and visual journalists | Article

Urban Geographics | Visualising Flows: Great Britain Journey-to-Work| Static Visualisation

Telegraph | Interview with graphic artist Ciaran Hughes discussing Olympics data and graphics | Article

The Functional Art | Truth and beauty in infographics and visualizations | Interview

Presenting the top five most popular posts on Visualising Data during June:

Article: The 8 hats of data visualisation design - June 26th 2012

Talk slides: The 8 hats of data visualisation - June 21st 2012

Energy technologies visualisation for the IEA - June 25th 2012

Santiago Ortiz’s ‘Data visualization references network’ project - June 11th 2012

Best of the visualisation web… May 2012 (part 1) - June 28th 2012

Best of the visualisation web... June 2012 (part 2)
Collaborative, interactive visualisation using multi-touch workspace