Back in May I invited people interested in my data visualisation training courses to register their preferred location with me so that I could start to design my next schedule of events based on where the main clusters of potential interest were. Here's an intermediate update to give people a sense of how things are looking.

Here are a few images with the completed (Green ticks), planned (orange circles) and "wishlist" (blue crosses) locations mapped out.





Next locations

So, just to clarify in writing. Over the comings weeks I will be arranging events taking place in Manchester (UK), London (2 events), Paris, Berlin, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. These will be scheduled for some time most likely between September and ideally before the end of the calendar year.

For the North American events I have clustered interest from Seattle, Portland and Vancouver in to a single planned event in Seattle (mid-point?). Likewise San Francisco will be designed to cover those based in Oakland and Los Angeles will hopefully not prove to be too far for those of you in San Diego. If there is a rapid take up of interest there may be scope to put on extra sessions but we'll see how things go and whether the schedule allows it.

I will update the site with details of dates, venues and arrangements as soon as I have them. Before then, if you are keen to get your name down in pencil against one of the training sessions then just contact me, ideally via email.

Private training events

Just a reminder that this is about the schedule of public events but I also offer private training events for organisations for their colleagues to attend a customised on-site session. Such events offer the benefits of receiving a full training session but with the content and activities designed, where possible, to suit the client’s specific requirements. Once again, if you want to find out more about these opportunities then get in touch.

2013 events?

Just to finish off with an early idea of where I am hoping of visiting longer term. I feel the following locations are likely to be in my plans (or is it dreams?) for 2013: Madrid, New York, Boston, Houston, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney...

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