This week sees the launch of Big Data Week 2012, a series of free, interconnected activities and events taking place across the globe. The aim of the events is to have contemporary conversations about Big Data, bringing together the communities of Data Scientists, Data Technologies, Data Visualization ad Data Business.

I will be taking part in the Big Data Community Meetup, in London on Tuesday 24th April. I will be on a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A session with: As I say, this is a completely free event, all you have to do is register here and join about 200 other people at this event alone. The event is being held at the Lancaster Hotel, London W2 2TY and kicks off around 6:30pm (but get there from 5:00pm as I heard rumours of nibbles...). Whether you attend the event or not, there is a (genuinely) very brief survey being held to canvas opinion about big data, business, technology etc. You can complete the survey here. If you are following the events on twitter check out the @BigDataWeek timeline and follow the conversation via the hashtags #bigdataweek or #bdwldn.

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