Just wanted to inform readers and anybody contacting me that I will be offline and out of action for the next few days as I'm moving house.

I'm leaving the relative hustle and bustle of city life in Leeds to the more quaint world of Hebden Bridge, the picturesque pennine town which has a rich literary history and creative heritage, as its famous welcome sign announces. I'm not sure if I'd necessarily consider myself a wealthy yuppy type, though:
During the seventies and eighties the town was repopulated by a motley mixture of artists, writers, photographers, musicians, alternative practitioners, teachers, green and New Age activists and more recently, wealthier yuppy types. The area has a rich literary history. The Bronte sisters wrote their famous novels just a few miles away in Haworth, the American poet, Sylvia Plath is buried at Heptonstall on the hill overlooking Hebden Bridge and the poet laureate, Ted Hughes was born in Mytholmroyd, two miles away.
I'll be back as soon as things settle down and my broadband gets back up and running, but do bear with me for a while if you're awaiting responses to emails or other interactions. Thanks!

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