At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking articles I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter and Google+ you will see many of these items shared as soon as I find them. Here’s the latest collection from a October 2011:

blprnt | 138 Years of Popular Science

A List Apart | Take Control of Your Maps (from 2008)

Air Traffic ContrLOL | Incredible live feed of Air Traffic Control data

NYT Sunday Review | It’s All Connected: An Overview of the Euro Crisis

Visual Communication Lab Blog | Announcing Historio: A tool for rewriting history

Think Vitamin | Art and the Web: Color

Bret Victor | "Things I'm thinking about, AKA Research"

Fathom | Changing Fortune

Data Remixed | Comparing Word Usage in Sacred Writings

Christoph Viau | Scripting Inkscape with d3.js

Mike Bostock GitHub | Some of Mike Bostock's presentation slides about D3 from his VisWeek talk

o'Reilly Radar | Data journalism and "Don Draper moments" - Alastair Dant on how tech, data and narrative come together at The Guardian.

New York Times | The Default Choice, So Hard to Resist

Guardian | The future of UK aid - Interactive

blprnt | Quick Tutorial: Twitter & Processing

blprnt | UPDATED: Quick Tutorial – Processing & Twitter

Smashing Magazine | Design is About Solving Problems | Design Education: Brilliance Without Substance

Six Revisions | Gestalt Principles Applied in Design

Fastco Design | Gorgeous Vintage Floodplain Maps That Look Like Modern Art

Greg Judelman | M.Sc. Thesis - Knowledge Visualization

Fastco Design | Infographic Of The Day: The Re-Redesigned London Tube Map

Yahoo | The Yahoo Mail Visualizer

Eager Eyes | The Many Names of Visualization

Epic Graphic | The Sunday Times Does Data Visualisation

Fell in Love with Data | Tools from the Pros #3: Jan Willem Tulp on D3 and Protovis

Fell in Love with Data | Shaking our heads won’t make visualization any better

Flowing Data | Nobel laureates by country and prize

Flowing Data | The Don’ts of Infographic Design

Infosthetics | Interview: A View Behind the Scenes of... Viral Infographics

Infosthetics | Opinion Visualization: What Do People Feel about their Economic Outlook

Infosthetics | Showing Geo-Located Points with the 'HexBin' Method

Drawar | The Squiggle Of The Design Process

O'Reilly Radar | Visualization of the Week: Sentiment in the Bible

World Economic Forum | Global Agenda Survey 2011

Silicon Angle | Q&A with Tableau Software Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Pat Hanrahan

Techcrunch | Raises $2 Million To Make Even More Infographics

Graphic Sociology | Visualizing world population growth

The Why Axis | Interactive Hurricane Trackers and Transforming Viewers into Users - a review

Understanding Graphics | Infoposters Are Not Infographics: A Comparison

Under the Raedar | Mapping Methods

UX Mag | The Psychologist’s View of UX Design

Jim Vallandingham | Recreating Old Visualizations with New Technology

Worry Dream | Up and down the ladder of abstraction

Worry Dream | Magic Ink - Information Software and the Graphical Interface

Flowing Data | Where people don’t use Facebook

Infosthetics | The Atlas of Economic Complexity: Visualizing Global Economic Growth

Buzz Feed | Occupy Your Money

Matthew Ericson | Visualizing the News at AIGA

Matthew Ericson | When Maps Shouldn’t Be Maps

Fastco Design | Infographic: If 7 Billion People Lived In One City, How Big Would It Be?

The Guardian | The UN predicts the world's population explosion: visualised

The Guardian | Public spending by UK government department: an interactive guide

NASA | NASA Releases Visual Tour of Earth's Fires

Perceptual Edge | Report from VisWeek 2011: Is information visualization a science?

Perceptual Edge | VisWeek – What Constitutes the Best Research?

Present Your Story | MTA's New Interactive Transit Map Design

Smashing Magazine | The Do’s And Don’ts Of Infographic Design (Editor - but not quite on the money...)

Nieman Journalism Lab | Word clouds considered harmful

TEDTalks | Richard Seymour: How beauty feels

Tech@State Data Visualizaton | Edward Tufte presentation

Views of the World | The Human Shape of Germany in HD | Q&A With Mahir Yavuz

Wired | Q&A: Nick Halstead on mining Twitter's firehose with Datasift

Microsoft/YouTube | Productivity Future Vision (2011)

Pitch Interactive | Word Frequency Comparison Between the Bible and the Quran

Presenting the top five most popular posts on Visualising Data during October 2011:

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