Sense of Patterns is an impressive portfolio of work from Mahir M. Yavuz, a Creative Director and PhD candidate who appears to share his time between New York, Linz in Austria and Istanbul. This is an ongoing visualisation project that aims to "depict the behaviors of masses in different public spaces".

The project has been developed using python and processing and using hundreds of thousands of data points from the Austrian Institute of Technology. Mahir describes the project:

The visualizations have a focus on the patterns of moving entities in public like commuters, cars and public transportation vehicles as well as the interaction between these entities and physical structures like roads, sidewalks, buildings and parks. The project intends to provide strong visuals on what we all experience in our daily lives in different cities.

The output of the project to date is a series of six A1 size printed posters and a video animation, embedded below, based on data related to Vienna and its suburbs.

You can see the full set of posters on Mahir's dedicated project site as well as shared in high resolution on Marathon, London 2011
Best of the visualisation web... August 2011