You may recall my promotion of the inaugural O'Reilly Strata "Making Data Work" conference, which took place in January of this year and was, by many accounts a really successful event. I'm excited to share details of the follow up event which is taking place in New York, between September 19 and 23. The first Strata conference was a sell out event and this next one promises to offer an even bigger and fascinating line up of topics, sessions and speakers.

The event is split up into three distinct sessions, each offering a different contemporary perspective on the power and opportunities that exist in this data rich era:   Strata JumpStart | 19th September | Get your 20% discount (code = DATA) Providing a crash course for managers, strategists, and entrepreneurs on how to manage the data deluge that's transforming traditional business practices across the board--in finance, marketing, sales, legal, privacy/security, operations, and HR. Join us for an intense, day-long deep dive. You can see an evolving list of confirmed speakers but some of the topics covered in this intense one-day session will include:
  • Finance in the era of Big Data
  • The new marketing: Data-centric and data-driven
  • Data and supply chains
  • Hiring by the data
  • Compliance, risk, and governance
  • Lean models for big companies
  Strata Summit | 20th - 21st September | Request an invitation The Strata Summit is an invitation only event (though you can initiate an invite) providing a two day event on the essential high-level strategies for thriving in "the harsh light of data", delivered by the battle-tested business and technology pioneers who are leading the way. The Summit will explore how the application of data is reshaping industries, destroying incumbents, and crowning new kings. Delegates will also get glimpses into the fringes of data science that point to opportunities ahead. You can see the impressive list of confirmed speakers here which include Simon Rogers (Guardian), Cory Doctorow (novelist) and James Powell (Thomson Reuters).   Strata Conference | 22nd - 23rd September | Get your 20% discount (code = DATA) THE main event. Taking place at the New York Hilton, this two days will form the main part of the conference schedule providing a comprehensive deep dive into the nuts-and-bolts needed for building a data-driven business—the latest on skills, tools, and technologies you need to make data work. Strata Conference covers the latest and best tools and technologies for this new discipline, along the entire data supply chain—from gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and storing data to communicating data intelligence effectively. With hardcore technical sessions on parallel computing, machine learning, and interactive visualizations; case studies from finance, media, healthcare, and technology; and provocative reports from the leading edge, Strata Conference showcases the people, tools, and technologies that make data work. Confirmed speakers include Drew Conway (New York University), Jer Thorp (blprnt) and Pete Warden (OpenHeatMap)

To register for any of these events simply click through on any of the links or banners above and you will be led through to the conference registration page which should have your 20% discount pre-completed - if this is not the case, the code is simply DATA. Early registration runs through to 1st August.

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