The ongoing flow of data visualisation contests continues with the latest challenge from focused on vulnerable populations around the World. I imagine some of you may be thinking 'oh no, not another competition!', but the savvy ones amongst should you see this as another excellent opportunity to practice your skills, contribute positively to an important issue and potentially win a great prize!

The best place for details about this challenge can be found on the page:
Last year, UN Global Pulse launched a large-scale mobile phone based survey to ask people from 5 countries in different regions of the world how they are dealing with the effects of the global economic crisis. We've got the complete results of this unprecedented SMS survey. Visualizing and UN Global Pulse challenge you to visualize the voices of vulnerable populations in times of global crisis.
They are looking for contestants to create creative but informative visualisations that tackle one or more of the following:
  • How do people in different nations describe their quality of life?
  • What types of changes do people make in order to cope with economic uncertainty?
  • How do individuals perceive their future outlook?
Maywa Montenegro at told me: "We're pretty excited about this challenge as it involves using SMS text (the data set) to help the UN tap into the pulse of vulnerable populations around the world. The winner gets $2000 plus an all-expense paid trip to the UN headquarters in New York." That is an extremely appealing prize for what will be a really interesting and worthy challenge. The deadline is July 25. Good luck!

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