Since 1996 cars have been built with on-board computers to capture and store a wide range of diagnostic and performance information. Until now this information has largely been the preserve of mechanics and manufacturer garages, until now...

Thanks to a new device from Griffin called 'CarTrip', you can tap into this data and draw insight about the performance of your car and your driving using the accompanying 'Clean Drive' iPhone App which visualises data on your driving efficiency, carbon footprint and vehicle performance statistics. How does it work?
CarTrip plugs into a vehicle's OBD-II port, then sends data to the CleanDrive app running on an iPhone or iPod touch. CleanDrive monitors your car's performance, collecting data like fuel consumption, acceleration, top speed and engine diagnostic codes as you drive. CleanDrive crunches the numbers and displays your "Carbon Score" in an easy-to-understand format on your device's screen. Instantaneous trip and long-term averages are recorded to give you a clear picture of how your driving habits impact the environment and the efficiency of your car over time.
CarTrip costs $89.99 and is available now, the CleanDrive App is a a free download available for iOS and (soon) Android. Similar to the growth witnessed in diagnostic and visualisation tools for domestic energy data, this is likely to be a growing market for unlocking the significant potential of vehicle and driving data.  

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