Tableau Software is hosting its first ever European Customer Conference, at the Hotel Movenpick, Amsterdam on 9th to 11th May with what promises to be an exceptionally packed and rewarding schedule of sessions and speakers.

Unfortunately, I am unable to make this event but would like to invite any reader attending to use this blog as a platform to share their experiences from the conference.

It doesn't have to be anything overwhelming in volume or depth, just a straightforward account of your key discoveries and observations from the sessions you have attended and the people you have met each day.

All I'd need from you is a bunch of text to compile into a post or posts. If you want to provide a daily update that would be fantastic, otherwise an overall conference summary would be also great. Your choice entirely.

If you would be interested in this please email me or tweet me @visualisingdata.

To find out more about the event, visit the conference website and view the agenda, find out more about the key sessions and, indeed, register if you have not already done so.

Be among the first to experience the in-depth break-outs, hands-on training, world-class keynote speakers, and the one-on-one Tableau Doctor appointments our annual US Customer Conference is famous for. You’ll also hear from some of the industry’s most exciting experts. This will be the best opportunity to get your hands on the product, be the first to hear about (and try!) upcoming new features, attend sessions from industry thought leaders and those leading the technology push and trying to change the way people think about data.

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