At the end of each month I pull together a collection of links to some of the most relevant, interesting or thought-provoking articles I’ve come across during the previous month. If you follow me on Twitter you will see many of these items tweeted as soon as I find them. Here’s the latest collection from March 2011:

ReadWriteWeb | 3 Presentations on R: Data Mining, Web Development and Data Visualization

Rag Tag | A history of the world in 100 seconds

Flowing Data | Animation: The pain that is Los Angeles traffic

The Guardian | Arab spring: an interactive timeline of Middle East protests

Run of Play | Haunting animation of Gareth Bale's performances vs. Inter Milan

Standford University | Course wiki site for Stanford's Data Visualization programme/module

Harvard University | Website for the Harvard visualization programme/module

The Guardian | Data journalism broken down: what we do to the data before you see it

TedTalks | Deb Roy: The birth of a word

Communications of the ACM | Design Principles for Visual Communication

New York Times | When the Data Struts Its Stuff

Eddology | Why Startups Need To Blog: A Summary

Eye Magazine | Max Gadney argues that information design should be a compulsory part of every graphic design course

Freakalytics | Rapid Graphs for Tableau 6 book update now available

Patrick Cain | Demonstration of mapping using Google Fusion Tables

Flowing Data | German defense minister’s plagiarized PhD dissertation visualized

Smashing Magazine | How to choose a typeface

Revolution Analytics | Download the white paper: R is Hot

Core 77 | In defence of delight

Visual Journalism | Infographics and the Brain – Stephen Few

Graphic Sociology | Infographics inspire art | R. Justin Stewart

Infogrpahics News | How to create Google Maps directly from Google Docs

Luke W | Web App Masters: Steps to Beautiful Visualizations

New York Times | Map showing how Manhattan’s grid grew

Viz World | Milestones in the History of Visualization

Vimeo | Moritz Stefaner @ decoded‘10

Visual Journalism | Moviebarcodes – How many insights do you get from them?

New Scientist | Invisible Wi-Fi signals caught on camera

User Interface Engineering | Podcast of Noah Iliinsky – The Steps to Beautiful Visualizations

Scientific American | Infographics: The great circle debate

Eager Eyes | One chart to rule them all

Wired | Parasol doubles as a clock

Pop Tech | PopTech interview: Data visualizing Malcolm Gladwell, NASA's Kepler project and color with Jer Thorp

Zeit Online | Tell-all telephone data

Visual Journalism | The Aesthetics of Conversations – Paolo Ciuccarelli

Junk Charts | The best way to handle two dimensions may be to not use two dimensions

Visual Journalism | The Death of Datavisualization in the News

Junk Charts | Too much art, not enough science in infographics

Flowing Data | Typographic world map and water colors

Information is Beautiful | Vintage infoporn - number 1

Perceptual Edge | Old BI and the Challenge of Analytics

Social Compare | Visualization comparison tool : visualize sizes, dimensions differences | Q&A with Nathan Yau

Nieman Journalism Lab | Voices: News organizations must become hubs of trusted data in a market seeking (and valuing) trust

Bloom Blog | Bloom's Web 2.0 Expo talk: Data Visualization for Web Designers:

Mashable | Why Curation Is Just as Important as Creation

Seeing Complexity | Why visualize data? We don’t know (yet)

Part 3: The essential collection of visualisation resources
Discussion: Can visualisation influence people?