Ben Saunders: North 3 is a great looking project designed by Applied Works in collaboration with Studio8 Design which will present live updates of intrepid explorer Ben's record-attempting solo walk to the North Pole in just 36 days. Launching on Tuesday 18th March, the day Ben sets of on his trek, the site will present hourly-updated data to help people follow Ben's progress.

The infographic will display data on latitude, daily distance, weight of sled and temperature:
Ben’s GPS co-ordinates will be sent back every hour along with distance travelled per hour – posted live on the site and to Ben’s Twitter page. A live countdown clock will display the time remaining, and a cumulative graph of daily stats (latitude, distance travelled, sled weight and temperature) will show Ben’s progress. Ben will also send a post back at the end of each day, with an image.
Its unclear from initial reading if the display will also contextualise Ben's trek against an ideal or target daily progress but I guess this is probably hard to quantify - its hardly a nice straight, flat road he's walking along. The site is a wonderfully clean design, the graphics are intuitive and clear to read as well as being compelling to monitor. Congratulations to Applied Works and Studio8 on an excellent solution, one which wonderfully encaspulates the look and feel of a polar colour pallet.

You can read more about this expedition and follow live updates on Ben's website, good luck to him!

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