Tomorrow will see the launch of a new series entitled "the essential collection of visualisation resources". This will be a multi-post series designed to share with readers an inspiring collection of the most important, effective, useful, practical and affordable data visualisation resources.


This series will represent a filtered sense-making of the plethora of content that is out there around this evolving and increasingly popular subject. It will span the full spectrum of helpful resources from the learning of visualisation through to the doing:

  • Visualisation tools, software and programming languages
  • Resources for sourcing and handling data
  • Electronic learning resources, articles and tutorials
  • Visualisation blogs and design websites
  • Visualisation and design books
  • Academic papers, references and labs


I have been planning to compile these posts for a long time and I've probably bored quite a few people by frequently claiming that the series was imminent. This time I promise it really is coming soon.

I want to share the knowledge and references that I have picked up so far during my 4+years in this field and fulfil my key mission which is to help make visualisation for the masses.

On this theme, I have been influenced by people like Enrico Bertini (Fell in Love with Data) who always publishes thought-provoking pieces. I was especially motivated by his call to arms for bloggers and others active in this field, asking "When will we decide to provide lots of value?" and help others become data visualisation specialists. This, I hope, is a worthy response to that challenge.

Ongoing Refined Collection

After each post has been published I will be transfering the collections into a permanent 'resources' page to ensure the knowledge doesn't get buried under future posts.

I am very keen to receive feedback about my posts to ensure I refine the collection, capturing any valuable additions or necessary revisions and maintain the validity of its label as the essential resources.

I am however going to keep a fairly tight editorial approach to the contents as I want it to represent a quality collection, not just a voluminous one. I hope the collection inspires, educates or at least confirms your awareness of the key resources out there.