Edinburgh based developer Steven Kay has created a fascinating calendar wheel visualisation of the seasonal colours in Norway.

The colours are derived from individual frames taken from a time lapse movie by Eirik Solheim of a view of his garden over a single year.

One year in 2 minutes from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo. Each frame is compressed into a single column image stretched from the inside of the circle (which is the colour of the ground) through to the outside (which is the sky). The start of each month corresponds with the approximate position of the first letter of the month's name. Steven used a custom Processing script to create the individual image strips and combine it into a cohesive display. The effect is a wonderful representation of the variety of colours through the seasons: the browns of Autumn, the emerging winter in November through to April and the vivid greens of Spring and Summer. You can read more about this visualisation and see others on Steven's Flickr stream. (Thanks to Tiago)

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